Presence     Confidence     Connection

“Step into your Presence” coaching and consulting programs develop presentation skill strategies and gives you the speaking tools you need to reach your goals. It has helped thousands of executive leaders, engineers, scientists, technical and business professionals reach their full potential as effective and engaging communicators.text_quote_vp

For the past 25 years, we have delivered coaching and consulting to a diverse audience of business and non profit leaders, focused on developing the skills of authentic leadership presence, self- expression, passion and building relationships that deeply matter.

Our coaching technique is distilled from Arina Isaacson’s professional career spanning three decades as an executive coach, corporate consultant, educator and internationally acclaimed theater director, improvisational actress, master puppeteer and storyteller. Arina has traveled the world teaching managers and executive leaders how to motivate, influence and inspire audiences through lively interactive theater techniques and cross-cultural practices.

Presence in the moment frees your spirit to meaningfully connect with others and have confidence in yourself whenever you speak in public.

Our “Step Into Your Presence” coaching and consulting programs
teaches four essential skills:

1) Being Present and in the moment
2) Reaching Out and connecting to your audience
3) Expressiveness: effective use of energy, spontaneity, vocal variety, power of intention, listening, physical expressiveness
4) Self Awareness/Self Knowledge: The most important capability for leaders to develop is self awareness. The more you know about yourself and what makes you tick, the better you will be at leading others.
Over the years, we have watched our clients make giant shifts. And we are confident that you can too! Arina brings individuals and groups into the heart of their creativity, full self- expression, inspirational leadership and love of life!