You want to:

  • Find your unique and authentic presence as an influential leader within your
    organization, business or industry
  • Discover your spark
  • Develop a presentation style tailored to your strengths
  • Practice skills that you can draw on for key presentations, meetings, coaching sessions, important communication events and every day building of relationships with peers and clients
  • Project greater confidence in all settingstext_quote_rebecca
  • Ignite your personal power
  • Speak from your heart and your mind
  • Align your career goals with your values
  • Command attention and project credibility
  • Engage in difficult conversations
  • Focus on your professional advancements
  • Gain support for a new project, position or business idea
  • Awaken and maximize your core vitality
  • Express yourself fully without freaking out before a presentation
  • Transform your fear of public speaking into the joy of sharing yourself with others
  • Manage anxiety, fears and stress in speaking situations by learning breathing and centering techniques
  • Quiet and center your mind, focus your attention and bring yourself into the present moment
  • Listen so others feel heard and valued
  • Ask curious, open-ended questions
  • Understand the power of pauses and silence
  • Strengthen your voice by enhancing tone, pitch, projection and resonance
  • Utilize your natural gestures
  • Harness the energy and excitement in our voice and body
  • Tap into your full emotional and energetic range
  • Stay focused on the main message
  • Think on your feet and under pressuretext_quote_wendy
  • Access what to say when you don’t know the answer
  • Craft personal stories to make information and personal values come alive
  • Paint pictures using metaphors, images and vivid language to engage and inspire your audience
  • Read” your audience
  • Incorporate staging techniques to use in presentations, coaching sessions and interactive learning environments.